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Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission into ADDS long term residential program the following information must be sent to us:
1. Current ASAM with Level of Care Recommendation - We must receive it within 30 days from when it was completed.
2. Other diagnostic tool substantiating dependence - Either a SASSI indicating High Probability or a statement from physician. Other diagnostic tools will have to be approved by our Treatment Director.
3. Birth date.
4. Social Security Number.
5. Any mental health issues or diagnosis.
6. Any physical health issues.
7. A current medication list - both physical/mental health medications.
8. A copy on an ID. Any ONE of the following : drivers license, social security card or birth certificate.
9. If the client is on Title 19, a copy of their Title 19 card.

10. The following statement must be printed, signed, dated, and submitted to the residential staff at ADDS prior to your arrival.

I acknowledge that ADDS is a tobacco free campus.  I will not use unapproved nicotine products while I am in the ADDS residential treatment program.  The only approved nicotine product in the ADDS residential treatment program is the patch.  Download tobacco free letter here

The last thing we ask for is $217.00 which is the lowest end of the sliding fee scale for the first 21 days of treatment. This is non refundable. After we receive the $217.00, we will either set a bed date or put the client on a waiting list. The fee does NOT apply to Title 19 clients. Title 19 clients need to be preauthorized with Magellan by the referral source.

The list above is not necessarily all inclusive. We may ask for or require additional information in order to consider someone for admission.

Client Rights

Allowable Personal Belongings