Substance use disorders are challenges like any other illness – you are not alone! We have trained professionals to help you on this journey to recovery.

ADDS has been providing substance use treatment with a commitment to assist individuals and families to enhance their quality of life since 1966. ADDS is proud to offer a holistic (whole person), evidence-based approach to substance use disorder treatment to meet the needs of the individuals, families and our communities. We believe that addiction is a disease of the reward and control pathways of the brain. Treating an illness is not a punishment, it is a service designed to care for an individual in need of help.

Comprehensive Evaluations

The beginning of any treatment process is the evaluation. ADDS provides evaluations on a walk-in basis for your convenience so you do not have to wait for appointments – come in when you are ready. During the evaluation process, you will complete some documentation before you see a counselor. Once with the counselor, they will focus on learning about what your greatest needs are and how to best meet them. ADDS utilizes evidence-based assessment tools to do the best we can to accurately identify what you need. At the end of the evaluation, you and the counselor together will decide what level of care is best for you, if needed at all, and plan for the next steps in your recovery.


Our outpatient services are provided to adolescents, adults, and families. The services include evaluation, individual and various group counseling sessions. The evaluation is to help identify and determine areas a client may need or would like to focus on to enhance their quality of life.

Individual sessions are available for private discussions of concerns and evaluating treatment goals and progress. ADDS believes in working as a team toward completing your treatment plan. Together with your counselor, you will help select the level of intensity tailor made to meet your needs. Your outpatient services are continually evaluated to ensure they meet your goals, and may be increased or decreased as your situation changes.

In group sessions, you may will receive education on a variety of topics ranging from the effects of specific drugs on the brain, relapse prevention, and how to use coping skills to manage life’s challenges. Group sessions offer that camaraderie and support that may be lacking in your life right now, and a time for discussion with peers about challenges and successes as each pursues their individual goals. There is always a period of getting used to groups, after which clients find many opportunities for assisting others while also receiving assistance.

Recovery Management

In most illness management approaches, people are able to continue working on wellness throughout their lifetime. ADDS is committed to this lifetime wellness approach for people in recovery from substance use problems. We encourage everyone to remain involved in continuing services upon completion of primary treatment. Research is clear that continuing care involvement for two years has a significant impact on ongoing recovery. ADDS recovery management is individualized, depending on your needs, and can range for one or two meetings a month to regular weekly meetings, and can increase or decrease as your needs change.

Primary Residential (24 hour care)

Residential care is our most involved and comprehensive level of care and is offered only in Burlington. The program is designed to provide an intensive and nurturing treatment experience in a 24-hour setting. We have a 20 bed facility for adults only. Clients frequently have questions about other conditions in addition to substance use, such as depression or anxiety. ADDS’ clinical staff can assist you in making referrals in the community to address mental health conditions at the same time you are addressing your addiction concerns. Our residential program will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your treatment needs and goals, and personalized treatment planning to meet those goals.

A stay in our residential unit can range from 30 – 60 days (including halfway house, see below), depending on your progress toward meeting your treatment goals. This is all decided by the client and the treatment team. Upon completion of residential treatment, you will leave our facility armed with a plan for ongoing services and support to continue pursuit of your personal goals.

Here’s what to bring.

Halfway House

ADDS offers an opportunity to clients transitioning from residential care who may need additional time to locate employment, housing, save for a rent deposit, etc. before leaving the structured residential setting. Discussion about halfway services can begin with your residential counselor immediately when you begin residential treatment. Clients participating in halfway care typically do so while continuing their journey towards a healthier life. They do so by participating in counseling services and starting to integrate back into the community through work, involvement in education, or actively volunteering. Halfway House status normally lasts 30 days, and is granted based on the clients’ progress toward the treatment plan. These treatment decisions are made as a teamwork effort between the client and the treatment team.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission into ADDS long term residential program the following information must be sent to us:

  1. Current ASAM with Level of Care Recommendation – We must receive it within 30 days from when it was completed.
  2. Either a validated substance use assessment tool indicating a use disorder or a statement from a physician. Diagnostic tools may need to be approved by our Treatment Director.
  3. Birth date.
  4. Social Security Number.
  5. Any mental health issues or diagnosis.
  6. Any physical health issues.
  7. A current medication list – both physical/mental health medications.
  8. A copy on an ID. Any ONE of the following : drivers license, social security card or birth certificate.
  9. If the client is on Title 19, a copy of their Title 19 card.
  10. The following statement must be printed, signed, dated, and submitted to the residential staff at ADDS prior to your arrival:

I acknowledge that ADDS is a tobacco and nicotine free campus.  I will not use unapproved nicotine and tobacco products while I am in the ADDS residential treatment program.  I also acknowledge that ADDS is a 60 Day Treatment Program.

*Download tobacco / nicotine and 60 Day acknowledgement here